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Small Run Book Printing

Small run book printing, also known as short run book printing refers to the process of creating anywhere from one to approximately 500 copies. Companies and individual authors often want a relatively small number produced for various reasons. They include:

  • To restock inventory of slower selling books
  • Test market a new publication
  • Prepare for a promotion
  • Update training materials

Short Run Book Printing Advantages

Prior to the advent of digital production technology, authors and companies that wanted to be able to sell or freely distribute books were faced with much higher setup costs. To produce only a few copies would have been prohibitively expensive.

Furthermore, the more copies ordered, the lower the per copy price from the publisher. This encouraged writers to err on the side of too many, as running out meant starting over again with typesetting and all of the other issues that offset publishing entails.

Today, API Print Productions offers small run book printing services that enable anyone with any sized budget to publish a book. Here are some additional advantages:

  1. Digital production means that the cost to publish one copy is virtually the same as the per copy price for 500.
  2. Turnaround time is accelerated significantly. After you approve a final proof, you can begin selling in as little as 48 hours.
  3. You can order only as many copies as you need for the short term. When they sell out, order more with no additional fees.
  4. Concerns about dated material are eliminated. When it’s time to reorder, simply modify the content and your new books will reflect any changes.

Additionally, no longer does one publication have to accommodate every situation. Many companies want geographically targeted materials with unique images and content. Any textbook can now be updated to keep the curriculum current.

What About Quality?

Digital print technology has improved dramatically over the past decade. It is now nearly impossible to detect any difference between books that have been produced on traditional offset presses and book printing services with digital sources. API produces professionally bound books that rival those of any large publishing house for far less. We offer a large number of cover and binding options, as well as many choices of paper, fonts, and other enhancements. In fact, we guarantee the best prices for comparable quality you will find anywhere!

Other Small Run Book Printing Services

We have you covered from start to finish. In addition to book production, API Print Production scan:

  • Provide any type of cover including hard bound, paperback, and unique business styles
  • Proofread and edit any raw material
  • Offer cover design and image insertion services
  • Customize a promotion
  • Provide storage and warehousing
  • Provide complete distribution and fulfillment services

To find out more about additional benefits that small run book printing can offer, contact a specialist who can quote prices and offer suggestions on the best ways to take your project from idea to finished publication.

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