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Short Run Printing

When print production companies refer to short run printing, they are typically speaking in terms of fewer than several hundred copies. Different companies have differing criteria depending on the project, but that is a good rule of thumb. Usually, digital production is the most cost effective solution for short run projects.

Digital printing speaks to the process of converting a computer-generated image, which may be photographic or typewritten, into an ink-on-paper product. While home and office printing has been digital for quite some time, commercial printing had always been strictly offset, using traditional printing presses and typesetting. Today, more advanced print firms such as API Print Productions recognize that short run digital printing results in substantial cost savings.

Short Run Digital Printing Advantages

Digital printing on a commercial level has enabled much more flexibility with resulting products. It is just as easy and inexpensive to print four versions of the same publication that speaks to differing geographical regions, for example. Other advantages include:

  • It is simple to make updates, such as pricing changes on restaurant menus or product changes to a brochure for mailing.
  • Pricing is constant regardless of the number of pieces required, which eliminates the tendency to order more than necessary n order to prevent running short.
  • There is an environmental component, since there is less waste with short run printing.
  • Digital printing uses toner, which biodegrades more completely than the inks and solvents used for offset printing.
  • The turnaround time for short run digital printing is much faster, since there is little in the way of set-up.

Digital Print Quality Concerns

In the past, the quality turned out by digital printers was noticeably inferior to that of ink-on-paper production that is the result of offset techniques. The advances in the commercial printing equipment that API Print Productions uses have all but obliterated those advantages. Without magnification it is nearly impossible to discern any differences.

Why API Print Productions Is the Preferred Solution

Many companies that produce printed materials have a vested interest in steering you toward either long run offset printing or short run digital printing. The equipment they are using often limits them. Or, they only have expertise only in one area or another.

At API Print Productions our only interest is providing you with the most cost effective product available. It will always be the one that will maximize your return on investment. We always suggest cost saving alternatives when we know they will benefit your company. After all, we guarantee that you will not find a lower price for similar quality, anywhere!

Contact API Print Solutions today to find out how short run printing can save you time and money.

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