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Short Run Magazine Printing

When people speak of short run magazine printing, they are typically talking in terms of the production of fewer than about 500 magazines. Many magazines today are geographically targeted, which means that some of the content may differ depending upon where the end user resides. A fishing magazine for Michigan anglers is going to have quite different information and advertisers than one destined for Florida.

Short Run Magazine Printing Benefits

In the past, companies that developed magazines with limited circulation could not vary the content, since the costs associated with offset printing setup and production would have made it prohibitively expensive. Today, short run magazine printing enables the producer to offer content and ads that are regionally and locally specific. This works to the advantage of both the consumer and advertiser.

Additional advantages of API Print Productions short run printing include:

  • Adding to or subtracting from recurring orders due to subscription changes is simple and will generally not affect per copy pricing.
  • We can print and mail any magazine to any destination, saving time and money.
  • Shrink-wrapping services are also available.

Short Run Magazine Binding Options

There are two choices for binding for short run magazine printing. Saddle stitching refers to printing double sized pages, folding them in half, and stapling them down the middle. Then, the spine is compressed and the face edge is trimmed resulting in square edges on the three that open. Saddle stitching is the primary style for magazines from 8 to approximately 64 pages and must have 4 page increments.

The alternative is termed Perfect Binding and is commonly used for magazines that exceed 40pages. Similar to a paperback book, the bound edge is compressed, trimmed square, and glued. The spine can also have exterior printing. Perfect Binding only requires 2 page increments.

Additional Services

Many of our customers count on API Print Productions to provide more than just short run magazine printing services. They count on us for every step of the process. For those who have no idea how to begin, we provide free consultation to take your short run print project from idea to literally putting a perfect product into the hands of your customers.

Some of the additional services we provide include:

  • Content and image creation
  • Design and layout
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution and mailing
  • Fulfillment

How to Get Started with Short Run Magazine Printing

Individuals and companies who are interested in publishing a magazine should begin by contacting an API Print Productions consultant. We will present you with all of the options and make some recommendations on the best and most cost effective paper, processing, binding, distribution choices, and more. From there, we will generate a quote that we guarantee will be the lowest you will find anywhere.

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