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Short Run Catalog Printing

Short run catalog printing refers to the digital production of about 500 catalogs or fewer. Beyond that quantity, it usually makes more sense economically to transition to long run or offset printing. On the other hand, if quick turnaround time is important to you, digital may be the way to go regardless of the size of the order.

With short run catalog printing, we use content obtained via computer directly from you to avoid the setup expenses and time associated with traditional offset ink-on-paper options. Your catalog will:

  1. Look virtually identical to offset printed alternatives, using the same paper and content
  2. Display clear, sharp images and text
  3. Be available for your use within 48 hours of our receiving your approved draft
  4. Be sized and bound according to your exact specifications

Isn’t it the Same as a Copy from a Copy Shop?

The answer is an emphatic NO! Copies will lose a considerable amount of quality and definition regardless of the quality of the printing device. With digital printing, the source is a high-resolution computer-generated original, not one transferred from an existing piece of paper.

Short Run Catalog Printing Basics

Catalogs have always been a department store standard, but you can easily use them for your business, too. You may want to highlight seasonal inventory and specials on a quarterly basis. Some customers prefer to provide some editorial content, creating more of a magazine/catalog hybrid. The options are limitless!

You can build your own catalog or booklet in two standard sizes including the handy 5½ by 8½size, the traditional 8½ by 11 catalog, or provide us with your custom specifications.

It’s easy to use custom catalog printing sizes, layouts, and papers, as well as custom finishing to create distinctive designs and shapes. Rounded corners are no problem. UV coating is optional and easily applied. Many of our customers prefer a heavier cover than the interior pages. There are also embossing and foil stamping options to consider. Anything imaginable we will be happy to create.

Other Short Run Printing Products

You can save both time and money by using short run printing for other print work, including:

  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Booklets
  • Magazines
  • Training materials
  • Calendars
  • More…

Most companies and entrepreneurs find that the cost/benefit ratio is highest for just about any project that will entail fewer than 500 pieces regardless of style.

How to Get Started with Short Run Catalog Printing

The process is easy. Just contact us to set up an introductory phone call. An API Print Productions professional will discuss the options with you and provide you with a quote that we guarantee will be the lowest you will find anywhere. We will have your project priced by the next business day. Within two business days, we can deliver your catalogs to your business or home office, ready for distribution.

Looking Great In Print!