Classics that have been lost in time

The Brontës

The untimely deaths of all but one of the four Brontë siblings at young ages are quite tragic. All four of them – three sisters and a brother were extremely creative, writing poems and stories to pass the time. Emily Brontë managed to write only one novel – Wuthering Heights – before she died at the age of 30. Her novel has been published several times since and has been adapted in as TV series and films. It was unfortunate that the mind who could create the cold-hearted lover Heathcliff and his passionate yet cruel beloved Catherine didn’t get time to create other legendary characters for the reader.

Only if…

All a writer wants is to get published and appreciated by readers. Getting published is usually the hardest hurdle for most writers as it is expensive which leads to a lot of frustration for the writer, stopping any further creativity. And then the manuscript may not be accepted by the publisher. Only if great writers didn’t get depressed easily because they lacked the means to get their work published, the world would have many more books to peruse. Many a writer in the past could have been a happy writer if they hadn’t spent most of their waking hours in misery.

Off the press

Too bad Emily Brontë was depressed because her writings were rejected by publishers. Writers like her could benefit from short-run printing and long-run printing and produced more work from the satisfaction. Short-run printing and long-run printing could have saved many creative minds from falling into the depths and thereby losing the ability to create further.

Evolution in publishing

Over the years, since Wuthering Heights was written, now publishing ones work is easy. One has a choice of getting controlling the quantity of books published though small run book printing. The number varies with the demand of the matter published or on the writer.  Print on demand printers allows you to choice your own way of printing – you could opt for small run book printing that allows you to work within your limits, and short-run digital printing enhances the quality of the published matter.

Working on your terms

Short-run book printing is available at most places at varying prices. In Georgia, you have a large variety of printers who offer a variety of on demand printers who can give you a lot of variety well within your budget. They also cater to those who are not interested in books, but want other things published and can opt for short-run magazine printing. You don’t like something in a magazine, you start taking out your own at a low price. Short-run magazine printing is a good way publishing say a school magazine especially if you use short-run digital printing with nice glossy covers and in pages. Printers in Atlanta GA provide exactly what the customer wants within the budget. Print on demand printers gives you the space to be creative while professionals do the dirty work for you.

Solving your gift buying problems with genius

Traditionalist by choice

Christmas is less than a month away, and I still haven’t come up with any unique ideas for gifts. You see I belong to a traditional family, which loves to make every occasion special. Although I am not a traditionalist myself, I like to keep with the family’s wishes because I love them so much. And so every Christmas I am going crazy thinking of bring that great unique gift to the family.

Friend to the rescue

Heck, for once in my life I want to beat my boastful cousin Herb who has always had a creative mind and for the last forever he has always been the center of the family “ohs and ahs” – not that I care….well, actually I do. As usual I was moping around, preoccupied trying to think up that one unique thing that would put me ahead of Herb this year – but coming up with nothing. And then my friend Ross comes up with the perfect idea – ‘write a novel on your family’.

It was perfect…but….

I didn’t have the finances to get a novel printed, let alone a copy for the whole family – that meant 15 copies and at least five in spare. But Ross told me to start writing and he would get my ‘novel’ printed. With a week, I had the first chapter ready for printing. Meanwhile, Ross was checking out the printers in the Atlanta GA market and trying to find the right people for me. You can go for on demand printer and get the work done on your terms. However, even though the on demand printer will provide you with exactly what you want, he will be adding a professional touch. These print on demand printers are in quite the rage nowadays, mainly because print on demand printers are affordable by the majority.

We have a plan

Ross knew I didn’t have much cash to spend on this gift – let alone 15 to 20 copies of the same – so the printers he found in Atlanta GA had to fit a mold that suited me. He found a printer who not only could get the job done within the budget but could also deliver well before our deadline. When I freaked out – as most writers do during the creative-gestation phase – Ross sat me down over a steaming cup of soup (we had run out of coffee and it was 4 am and we were too lazy to go out) and explained the whole process to me. Since we had to print 15-20 copies of the novel, we would be opting for short-run printing as opposed to long-run printing. He said that short-run printing would be done by professionals and we had nothing to worry about, and he couldn’t stress enough how we had saved by not going the ‘long-run printing’ way as he called it. By employing short-run digital printing the pictures were going to use would be as sharp and clear. I was obviously annoyed, so Ross went into detail about short-run digital printing, explaining the procedure in detail and I could almost see my novel coming off the press, the crisp new pages smelling like pressed paper.

Do you want a signed copy? 

Thanks to Ross and short-run book printing I am now a proud writer with a novel to my name. My family is going to love this gift and I am sure I am going to write another book soon via short-run book printing on how innovative ideas can make you different. Now with the success of this venture, I am recommending to all who want to be as accomplished as I am is to go for the small run book printing or for those who want to bring out magazines of their own choice to go for short-run magazine printing and believe me you will never feel so accomplished. The advantages of small run book printing and short-run magazine printing is that you can get what you want at your own price.

The novelist in you could finally see work in print

Life is too short to wait

Time passes by so quickly that by the time you think you should do something it is too late. Why wait when you can get cracking? The best way to fulfill your dream is to opt for short-run printing. You can save a lot of money through short-run printing and you don’t have to throw away the extra copies.  Short-run book printing is the way to go for first and ‘only time’ novelist. However, you can also go for long-run printing Depending on what you are interested. Long-run printing gives you more room to work in and allows you to increase the quantity.

Don’t hold the press

Initially, you couldn’t get things published unless you met the specific number to get the presses working. Now with short-run digital printing, you can print the number of copies you want and can afford. It can all be done at your own pace and with quality that is not too bad, in fact is pretty good, and allows you the space to print images as well, adding a little more to what you wanted and improving your work.

You get to choose

In today’s world you can get small run book printing done anywhere, even online. The small run book printing gives several options, each tailored to your preferences. Short-run book printing is a good way to compile publisher material in a book form. Now you can also get done short-run magazine printing for your school. Instead of going through the grueling system of depending on the publishers and designers for your magazine, now you can do short-run magazine printing and get exactly what you want through long-run printing. The choices that we have are limitless now that there is technology.

Professional touch

Say you are in the state of Georgia, and you seek Atlanta printers who can get your stuff published within your range. You have a large variety of Atlanta printers to choose from. For the professional touch, you could go for the on demand printer, ensuring you are getting your money’s worth. However, that does not mean that the demand printer will not be able to give you a choice from his own work. Most printers Atlanta GA-based are able to provide print on demand printers to the satisfaction of the customer. This may mean that you will be getting lesser quantity but more quality. These printers Atlanta GA-based first explore you mind and then work ahead. Print on demand printers will usually uses short-run digital printing. The plus side to this is that you can save on money and still show your ‘published’ work to your friends and family, making it a great gift for your parents on a special occasion.

The wonders of the digital printed word


Before the printed word as we know today, the number of books written was quite small. You couldn’t have bestseller topping a bestseller list mainly because every book was just that – a single book.  If you wanted copies – no strike that out, if you want “a” copy, you would have to commission someone to do it for you. Then seek the book owner – or writer of the book – get permission to copy the text of the book, pay to send and house the person you commissioned to copy the text – provided the owner agreed without putting down outlandish demands for this.

Getting your hands on a copy

In a way, the person who would be printing your book was an earlier version of an on demand printer. These print on demand method suited the readers of the time in general, because come to think of it reading and writing was an elitist pastime. And by the time you are in demand printer got your copy ready, you’d probably be dead. The only good thing that could possibly come out of this would be that the print on demand method did was make your library exclusive with only one of a kind copy of the books in your collection.

Supply is directly proportionate to demand

Common sense tells us that the demand of something increases its supply. So when more and more people received education, the more people wanted reading material. Waiting your turn to read a book which could have a dozen people waiting in line already could be quite frustrating, since it would have to be written by hand. This would take ages but you would have to bide your time patiently. The demand increases and the printers can’t keep up pace and then some great mind thinks why not change the process and produce more reading material. While short-run printing was quite sufficient for the low demand, it was imperative to change this to long-run printing, especially for newspapers. Short-run printing; short-run book printing and short-run magazine printing are more appropriate for those who cater to a small group. Short-run book printing and short-run magazine printing and in today’s age short-run digital printing and small run book printing is the way to go. Short-run digital printing and small run book printing allow more people access to more material.

Initial phase

Life of the avid reader was one of leisure but as time went by one would hear of a good play by someone called Shakespeare. And suddenly one day you realized your uncle up in the North wants to read the much celebrated play. That’s when you asked the Atlanta printers to make you a copy or two while they were at it.  The Atlanta printers do such a good job that you can’t wait to show off their abilities to others. Word spreads and an eager crowd flocks the printers.